Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Windows Windows Windows!!!

Windows are the windows to your soul. I had a lot of fun these past few weeks experimenting with repurposing these old windows. Chippy paint, stencils, poems, little shelves and of course adding knobs and hooks to make them useful as well as beautiful.

Take a look!



Friday, August 7, 2015

The begining of something new & exciting!

I am beginning a new adventure and I'm super excited! Laura and I have been crossing T's and dotting I's and getting ready to begin selling our vintage décor and furniture! We are Lace & Sawdust, hence the revamped and renamed blog.

We will hopefully get started selling in Temecula, and maybe the Kensington area. We've got tons of ideas and are both really excited to dive right in.

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Getting Our Antique On!

While I am neck deep in sawdust, Laura is out treasure every day. Seriously, she has a problem. But man what an eye! She has turned her home into an art studio/vintage getaway where she can paint, collect and be inspired!

Here is just a sample of what she has...

Awesome lantern tree, I tried to sneak this into my truck when she wasn't looking, but I got caught!

Yes this is a bathroom filled with painted frames. Seriously.
Funky Trunks

We need to start selling before her house tips over!