Thursday, November 12, 2015

Business is Business, and Business Must Grow...

...To quote the Onceler, yes we are biggering and biggering here at Lace & Sawdust! (Sorry, The Lorax is my daughter's favorite book and sometimes I channel fictional characters when I am sleep deprived)

But anyway...

It's exciting times on the Lace & Sawdust front. It's been a while since our last post, but we've been painting our booties off and moving into our big, luxurious new booth at 4th Street Antiques! And may I say, it looks pretty freaking fabulous!

And it's about to get even bigger! Lace & Sawdust is officially a DIY Paint vendor!!! Coming Thanksgiving weekend, we will be launching the awesome paint line from Debi's Design Diary here in the store!

November 28th, all day long, will be Old Town Temecula's Holiday Open House where many of the antique and vintage shops will be highlighting some of their favorite vendors, and yep, that's right, we will be there! Laura and I will be showing off some of our awesome creations, as well as hosting a free make-and-take for everyone to check out the new paint! Paint a frame or a sign and see for yourself how awesome this paint is!
Because you can! And because DIY chalk paint is what everyone, EVERYONE, EVERYONE NEEDS!!!!