Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is my grandmother, Violet. Beautiful, isn't she? This is who my mom gets her beauty from. And also her gentle and giving personality. She passed just two days ago. She was 91 and had a long and fulfilling life. It's all the little things that I remember about her. I always knew when she was in the room because she smelled like roses. She was always on the go, always staying active and traveling. I remember we joked that she took a plane to Texas one day, just to have lunch with a friend. We used to love to play games together. Four generations of Yahtzee players! We used to give her a hard time when she would scratch her Yatzee just like great grandma did. I will miss her, and all the little things that make her her. I can't presume to know exactly what happens when you die; heaven, spirits? But I do know that wherever she is, they are lucky to have her.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Soccer Stud

Katelynn's 1st Birthday

Our baby girl turned 1 on September 13th! She had a lady bug party, because after all, she is the Katie bug. We had friends and family there to help us celebrate. There was a lady bug pinata that the kids got to pound on and she got lots of great gifts. Her favorite part was the chocolate cake! Can't say that I blame her. Happy birthday bug!