Thursday, July 30, 2015

A New Adventure on the Horizon

I've been working on building back up the inventory for my upcoming venture with my lovely Aunt Laura. We are currently looking for the right place to hang our hats and begin gracing the public with our awesomeness. So for now, we are craigslisting, garage saling, picking, buying, sanding, painting and wrapping it all up with a bow!

We came up with a name.... Lace & Sawdust! Suits us perfectly~ she is the Lace with a keen eye for the beautiful and timeless treasures that every one wants to adorn their homes with, and I am normally covered in turquoise colored Sawdust from distressing my little heart out.

Look for us in an antique store near you!

Mean-time... Here are some of my latest.

Had to do another turquoise dresser, this time with a mirror to match.

The woman I stole...I mean, bought this from says it was made in Panama in the 1930's. All mahogany. I had to keep the top unpainted, such a great looking piece of wood. I sanded down and refinished the top only and Annie Sloaned the rest with all the usual suspects. I added some new knobs of course and some wood appliques to dress it up. I'm a permanent fixture now at my local Hobby Lobby. I had this gorgeous mirror already which complemented the wood tones perfectly.

Here it is before...

I picked up this other cute little night stand and did an Annie Sloan combo of Old White and Coco, pretty cute I think.

And a cute little chippy wood window shelf. A little stenciling and a lot of sanding involved.

Gotta go clean the sawdust out of my ears now...